Hubs & Carriers

We manufacture a wide range of axle equipment for race and rental karts.

Aluminium Billet Components:   All these components are precision engineered using the latest CNC technology. We use only high quality aluminium billet and all parts are fitted with high tensile steel studs and bolts. These parts have an anodised finish and are available for 25mm, 30mm and 50mm axles.

Cast Aluminium Components:   Manufactured from heat treated cast aluminium and then machined on our CNC machines. These parts offer good value for money and are available to fit 25mm and 30mm axles. Some of these components can also be manufactured to fit 35mm axlers upon request.

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Front Hubs

Front hubs are CNC machined all over and finished off with a black anodise.

These hubs are designed to be used on 17mm stub axles and come with 2 x 6003ZZ bearings fitted. They are available in three lengths of 55mm, 75mm and 95mm.

  • AEQ-FH55  - Front Hub 17mm x 55mm
  • AEQ-FH75 - Front Hub 17mm x 75mm
  • AEQ-FH95 - Front Hub 17mm x 95mm

Hubs are manufactured with a 58mm PCD and a 40mm location.

25mm Cadet Rear Hubs 

These hubs are brand new to our range for 2018. 

Also coming soon in 2018 will be our new 25mm x 40mm short hub.
  • AEQ-RH25S  - Rear Hub 25mm x 40mm 
  • AEQ-RH25M  - Rear Hub 25mm x 62mm 

25mm Disc Carrier

This 25mm disc carrier is designed to be used with our MSA/CADET homologated disc which in turn is used with our KC30 Cadet brake system.

  • AEQ-DCC25   - Disc Carrier Cadet  25mm

30mm Rear Hub

New for 2018 is our 30mm twin bolt hub. Ideal for Pro Karts doing endurance & sprint racing.

  • AEQ-RH30RACE - Rear Hub 30mm x 55mm
Hubs have a 58mm PCD and a 40mm Location


30mm & 50mm Axle Equipment

All parts are manufactured from aluminium billet and finished off in a black anodise. 
30mm components have 6mm and 8mm keys while the 50mm components have just 8mm key.

30mm Components
  • AEQ-DC30B - Disc Carrier 30mm x 100mm 
  • AEQ-SC30B - Sprocket Carrier 30mm
  • AEQ-RH30S - Rear Hub 30mm x 62mm
  • AEQ-RH30M - Rear Hub 30mm x 95mm
  • AEQ-RH30L - Rear Hub 30mm x 115mm
50mm Components
  • AEQ-DC50 - Disc Carrier 50mm x 100mm
  • AEQ-SC50 - Sprocket Carrier 50mm
  • AEQ-RH50S - Rear Hub 50mm x 62mm
  • AEQ-RH50M - Rear Hub 50mm x 95mm
  • AEQ-RH50L - Rear Hub 50mm x 115mm

Cast Axle Equipment

All theses 30mm components are manufactured from heat treated cast aluminium.

  • AEQ-DC30 - Disc Carrier 30mm x 76mm Location
  • AEQ-CDC30 - Circular Disc Carrier 30mm x 76mm Rental kart
  • AEQ-SC30 - Sprocket Carrier 30mm
  • AEQ-MRH30 - Mono Rear Hub 30mm x 50mm
  • AEQ-MXRH - Mono Extended Rear Hub 30mm x 65mm

Hubs have a 58mm PCD and a 40mm Location
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