All of our axles are manufactured from precision ground high quality steel by us at our factory in the UK. Over the years we have developed the right material that offers the best flexibility and strength for use in racing and rental karts.

As well as our standard off the shelf axles we can manufacture axles to your own drawing. If you require a special axle as an OEM fit for your kart and would like us to quote please send us a drawing or sketch of your requirements.

Please CLICK HERE for a list of our axles and prices.

25mm Hollow Bambino Axles

Coming Soon will be our new range of hollow 25mm Bambino axles.

Manufactured from high quality ptrcision ground steel with a 4.5mm wall thickness.

  • AXL-H25/850 - 25mm x 850mm
  • AXL-H25/950 - 30mm x 950mm
Axles come with pocket keys but can also be manufactured to your own drawing.

25mm Cadet Axles

We manufacture 25mm Cadet kart axles for the majority of kart manufacturers and traders in the UK. We can offer these axles in soft, medium and hard compounds.

Stock sizes are:

  • AXL-25/970 - 25mm x 970mm
  • AXL-25/1000 - 25mm x 1000mm
  • AXL-25/1020 - 25mm x 1020mm

All our axles are precision ground to 25mm and are available chemically blacked if required subject to a minium order.

30mm Solid Axles

Our 30mm solid axles are used mainly in the rental kart market. We can manufacture axles to fit any rental kart on the market today including Biz, Sodi and RiMO.

The quality material we use makes our 30mm solid axles the best on the market for strength, reliability and cost. They are available in a medium or hard compound and in the following sizes from stock:

  • AXL-30/900 - 30mm x 900mm
  • AXL-30/1020 - 30mm x 1020mm
  • AXL-30/1040 - 30mm x 1040mm
  • AXL-30/1070 - 30mm x 1070mm
  • AXL-30/1090 - 30mm x 1090mm
  • AXL-30/1145 - 30mm x 1145mm

Axles are manufactured with open ended or pocket keys.

30mm Hollow Axles

The material we use to manufacture our 30mm hollow axles has been proven over the years to be extremely strong while still offering the flexibility needed for endurance karting. With a 5.5mm wall thickness these axles will not let you down in the toughest environment.

These axles are available in 1020mm to 1145mm in length and in medium or hard compound.

  • AXL-H30/1020E - 30mm x 1020mm
  • AXL-H30/1040E - 30mm x 1040mm
  • AXL-H30/1070E - 30mm x 1070mm
  • AXL-H30/1090E - 30mm x 1090mm
  • AXL-H30/1145E - 30mm x 1145mm
These axles above are manufactured with open ended key ways.
  • AXL-H30/1020 - 30mm x 1020mm
  • AXL-H30/1040 - 30mm x 1040mm
  • AXL-H30/1070 - 30mm x 1070mm
  • AXL-H30/1090 - 30mm x 1090mm
  • AXL-H30/1145 - 30mm x 1145mm
These axles above are manufactured with pocket keys.
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