All of our wheels are manufactured from high quality cast aluminium using the latest CNC technology.

Please note the following:

  • Wheel sizes are measured across the tyre bead.
  • All rims come with bearings and valves fitted.
  • Available in silver or black.
  • Drilled for bead retaining screws if required.

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Magnesium Rims

Our magnesium rims are manufactured in the popular SE style. These wheels give superb levels of grip and have excellent tyre cooling properties.

These rims are supplied boxed, with K'nuts, bead retaining screws and valves.


Front Wheels - Cadet & Bambino

All these rims are designed for the cadet class. These rims are compatible with all types of cadet chassis on the market.

JET-95OSLW - 95mm/105mm  
100g lighter than the std rim and uses 61903RS bearings. Only available in silver. 

JET-95OS - 95mm/105mm
Popular cadet rim and a standard fit for slicks on the Project One and BRK chassis. 

JET-95SOS - 95/105mm
Super offset rim and standard wet weather rim on Project One and BRK chassis. 

JET-100 - 100mm/110mmm
This is a hub fixing rim and can offer good wet weather performance.

JET-105C - 105mm/115mm
NEW - Standard fit in the dry on the Zip/Synergy chassis and only available in black..

JET-105OS - 105mm/115mm
NEW - Same as the popular Zip/Synergy slick rim but with a full offset

Rear Wheels - Cadet & Bambino

All these rear wheels are designed and used in the Cadet class.

JET-120 - 120mm/130mm
Ideal bambino rear wheel for wet and dry conditions.

JET-120EVO - 120mm/130mm
Same size as above but with 3 spoke design and shorter offset.

JET-130 - 130mm/140mm
Popular cadet rear wheel. Standard fit on Project One and BRK in the wet and dry.

JET-130EVO - 130mm/140mm
NEW - Popular size for a cadet rear with a 3 spoke design. 

JET-135 - 136mm/146mm
NEW - Standard rear rim for the Synergy chassis in the dry. Only available in black.

JET-140EVO - 140mm/150mm
NEW - Our widest cadet rear wheel with a 3 spoke design.

Front Wheels - Direct Mounted

These rims are also directly mounted onto the stub axle.

JET-120OS - 118mm/128mm
Offset Front Wheel with 6003 Bearings.

JET-120OSEVO - 120mm/130mm
3 Spoke Offset Front Wheel with 6003 Bearings. 

JET-130OSEVO - 130mm/140mm
5 Spoke Offset Front Wheel with 6003 Bearings.

Front Wheels - Hub Fixing 

These wheels are designed to be used with front hubs. All rims have a 58mm PCD and a 40mm location.

JET-100 - 100mm/110mm
Cadet Front Wheel 

JET-110 - 110mm/120mm
Wet Weather Front Wheel. 

JET-120 - 120mm/130mm
Gearbox Front Wheel.

JET-120EVO - 120mm/130mm
Gearbox 3 Spoke Front Wheel

JET-130 - 130mm/140mm
Gearbox Front Wheel

All the above wheels are available drilled for bead retaining screws if required.

Rear Wheels

All these rear wheels are manufactured with a 58mm PCD and a 40mm location.

JET-150 - 150mm/160mm
Rear wheel. 

JET-175 -  175mm/185mm
Rear wheel.

JET-175EVO - 170mm/180mm
3 Spoke Rear Wheel

JET-200 - 200mm/210mm
Rear Wheel. 

All the above wheels are availabe drilled for bead retaining screws if required.

Black Wheels

All of our rims are available with black painted finish. Our unique powder coating offers improved thermal properties keeping the tyre temperatures more stable.

Rental Kart Wheels

Our rental kart wheels are manufactured from high quality heat treated aluminium. This process makes the wheels tough and durable and ideal for the harsh indoor/outdoor rentall kart market.

Fronts are available for 17mm and 20mm stub axles to fit all the rentall karts on the market today including Biz, Sodi and RiMO. They are also available in the following bearing configurations:

  • Central Bearing 
  • Semi Offset Bearing
  • Offset Bearing
Rear wheels are available in the following sizes:
  • 150mm
  • 180mm
  • 200mm
All wheels are supplied with bearings and valves fitted.

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