Wheels - Rental

All of our rental kart wheels are manufactured from high quality heat treated cast aluminium using the latest CNC technology. They are machined extra thick to give maximum strength and reliability for ther tough rental kart enviroment.

We manufacture heavy duty rims to fit RiMO, Sodi and Biz karts. 

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Central Bearing Fronts

  • JET-HDC17 - 17mm Stub Axles
  • JET-HDC20 - 20mm Stub Axles

Offset Bearing Fronts - Standard

  • JET-HDOS17 - 17mm Stub Axles
  • JET-HDOS20 - 20mm Stub Axles

Offset Bearing Fronts - Specials

  • JET-HDRiMO - RiMO Kart Tyre 
  • JET-HDSODI - Sodi Kart Type
  • JET-HDBIZSOS - Biz Super Offset Type

Rear Wheels

  • JET-HD150 - Heavy Duty 150mm Rear Wheel
  • JET-HD175 - Heavy Duty 175mm Rear Wheel

Rear Hubs 30mm

Our brand new 30mm rear hubs are manufactured from high quality billet aluminium and fitted with high tensile steel studs and two M8 clamping bolts.

This makes them extremely tough and ideal for the rental market.

  • AEQ-RH30RENT - Rear Hub 30mm Rental Kart

30mm Quick Release Bearing Carriers

These aluminium bearing carriers are designed for 30mm axle bearings and are supplied in bare aluminium.

We can anodise these parts upon request if needed.

  • RKT-QR30 - Quick Realease Bearing Carrier 30mm


We offer Raptor and Enduro tyres for rental karts. These are high quality rental kart tyres manufactured by Maxxis.

Raptor: This is the most popular tyre we sell for rental karts. This tyre is very durable,  long lasting in all temperatures and developed for tarmac and concrete tracks.

Enduro: The Enduro tyre is softer than the Raptor. This offers better levels of grip while still offering a good lifespan. This tyre works extremely well in warm conditions.

  • TYR-MAXRAPF - Maxxis Raptor Front
  • TYR-MAXRAPR - Maxxis Raptor Rear
  • TYR-MAXENDF - Maxxis Enduro Front
  • TYR-MAXENDR - Maxxis Enduro Rear


Steering Wheels

This steering wheel has been manufactured in the popular 3 spoke design and offers comfort and stability to the driver. Fully compatible with karts running other popular steering wheels.

  • RKT-SW - Rental Kart Steering Wheel

Seats & Seat Inserts

Our seat comes in one size XXL manufactured from tough uncovered plastic and perfect for all rental kart on the market today.

Seat Insert: This seat insert is ideal for use in karts where the driver need to be pushed forward to make it easier to reach the pedals. It also offers good support and has keen manufactured thicker at the top to prevent tearing when removing from the kart.

  • RKT-KCSI - Kart Components Seat Insert
  • RKT-SRS - Caliba Seat Reduction System
  • RKT-SEAT - Extra Large Plastic Seat

Honda Engine Mounts

Our Honda engine mounts will fit all Honda engines from the GX120, GX160, GX200 and GX270 ranges. Tough and durable these parts are manufactured from heat treated aluminium and will keep the engine in place.

  • RKT-EMH - Engine Mount Honda
  • RKT-EMC - Engine Mount Clamp
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