Wheels - Rental

All of our rental kart wheels are manufactured from high quality heat treated cast aluminium using the latest CNC technology. They are machined extra thick to give maximum strength and reliability for ther tough rental kart enviroment.

We manufacture heavy duty rims to fit RiMO, Sodi and Biz karts. 

CLICK HERE  for a full list of our wheels for rental karts.

Please contact us to discuss our trade terms and discounts.

Central Bearing Fronts

  • JET-HDC17 - 17mm Stub Axles
  • JET-HDC20  - 20mm Stub Axles

Offset Bearing Fronts - Standard

  • JET-HDOS17 - 17mm Stub Axles
  • JET-HDOS20 - 20mm Stub Axles

Offset Bearing Fronts - Specials

  • JET-HDRiMO  - RiMO Kart Tyre 
  • JET-HDSODI  - Sodi Kart Type
  • JET-HDBIZSOS - Biz Super Offset Type

Rear Wheels

  • JET-HD150  - Heavy Duty 150mm Rear Wheel
  • JET-HD175 - Heavy Duty 175mm Rear Wheel
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