Brake Systems

All KC Brake Systems are manufactured here in the UK on the latest CNC machines. This enables us to manufacture our calipers and master cylinders to the highest specification giving the customer some of the most reliable and cost effective brake systems on the market today.

In 2016 we started a programme of upgrading and updating our range off brake systems which now includes our brand new KC30 & KC55 brake systems as well as a redesign and upgrade of our popular KC200 brake system.


This is a manually adjusted brake system which for 2017 has been homologated by the MSA for cadet racing. This system benefits from our unique in position adjustment and offers superb reliability and a nice progressive feel to the driver.

The KC30 can also be used in other classes of racing as the caliper can be adjusted to run 3mm to 12mm thick discs.

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The KC55 is a fully self adjusting brake system. This system has the same mountings as the old MX50 it replaced as well as mountings for the Biz rental kart, upgraded pistons, pad retaining pins and is now manufactured from billet.

Designed to be used with a 6mm or 8mm thick disc the KC55 is ideal for race, rental and off road karts.

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The KC100 is a fully self adjusting brake system designed for high powered and two seater rental karts running 12mm vented discs that are looking for a bit of extra stopping power.

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This is our most popular brake system for rental karts. The KC200 is fully self adjusting and designed to be used with 6mm or 8mm thick discs.

Extremely tough and reliable the KC200 has undergone a makeover in 2016 which made several upgrades from the previous model. This system is solid and used all over the world.

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The KC200R was initially designed for the German kart market where two independently operated brake lines were needed between the caliper and master cylinder for extra safety.

Based on our popular KC200 brake system this system comes with our double master cylinder and is fully self adjusting.

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The Race system is designed for endurance racing and to be used with a 12mm thick fully vented disc.

Compatible with floating systems this system offers a cheaper alternative to expensive brake systems currently on the market.

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KC Master Cylinders

Our master cylinders are among the most reliable on the market. As well as our own systems our master cylinders can be used to operate other brake manufacturers calipers but please contact us for advice if you are not sure.

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